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10 Best Backpacks for Men 2018

Creating a list of the best backpacks for men has very little to do with color and very much to do with style, comfort, and durability. We all use backpacks differently – whether we’re looking for something that can hold a laptop and a change of clothes

10 Best Wallets for Men 2018

Gentlemen, if you’re used to choosing the nicest looking wallet on the sale rack or you grab the first one you find because your current one is shredded to pieces, we welcome you to have a look at our list below. It’s time to take the wallet

10 Best Messenger Bags for Men 2018

Thank goodness for the messenger bag and for all of the options you have when you decide to get yourself one! Urban jetsetters, businessmen and travel addicts alike can all find uses for this manly piece of arm candy, so if on the search for the best

10 Best Carry-On Luggage for Men 2018

Looking for a manly bag to carry-on the plane with you for your travels? While it may seem easy, there are quite a few choices and styles out there to choose from. We help you compare and contrast the best carry-on luggage for men in our list

6 Best Briefcases for Men 2018

This may be your first briefcase shopping experience or you may have gone through a dozen already. Not sure where to begin or which styles are the best briefcases for men to use for work or travel? We are here to show you. Have a look at