10 Best Tool Backpacks 2020

Tool bags are heavy and bulky, and sometimes you don’t have an extra hand free to carry it around a job site.

The solution? A tool backpack.

Forget about attempting ladders one handed or lugging around a heavy bag by the handles. Wearing the bag is much safer and more efficient.

In our guide, we’ll be showing you some of the best tool backpack models for a variety of professions. From service technicians to carpenters, we’ll review the top three bags and provide you with useful shopping tips that will help steer you toward the right one for your needs and budget.

Top 10 Tool Backpacks Comparison Table

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What to Consider When Choosing a Backpack Tool Bag

If you’ve never used a backpack for your tools, then you’ll find the tips in this section very useful. From the material to the ease of grasping the zippers, there are many details to think about when you’re comparing models.

  • Pockets. For most, the hardest part about choosing a backpack is deciding how many pockets it should have.

You’ll have to do a bit of tool inventory to help you determine how many pockets you need, but when it comes to the exterior pockets, make sure that your tools fit snuggly in them because you don’t want them flying out accidentally.

  • Zippers. The most obvious suggestion is to make sure that the zippers are sturdy: the bigger, the better.

Another small detail to think about is how easy they are to grasp. Many of you probably wear gloves and having to pull them off every time you need to open and close the bag is a pain. If you wear gloves often, look for zippers that are easy to maneuver.

  • Base. The base is going to take some rough hits – from sitting on damp surfaces to being dragged across the ground, this is an area of the bag that can’t be ignored.

The best tool backpack has a solid base – usually made from polypropylene or some kind of plastic. Not only is it waterproof but is it also stronger than any fabric material that will wear and tear.

What About a Tactical Backpack?

It may not be the most obvious choice, but a tactical backpack offers plenty of storage space and individual compartments to help you keep items organized.

Many use tactical backpacks for camping, hiking, paintballing, at the shooting range or as a bug out bag, which means that it offers the user plenty of storage options.

Service technicians might also benefit from all of that storage room, so if you’re interested in spending less and getting maximum storage space, consider a backpack like the Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack.

Top 3 Best Tool Backpack Reviews

1. Revco GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack

BSX’s is definitely the best tool backpack for welders out there. It has a special pouch on the front designed specifically for helmet storage, and this is something that no other backpack on our list offers.

What we like about the helmet pouch is how the padded material helps protect your lens from getting scratched. Considering that it is one of the most important parts of the helmet, this is an important detail that they didn’t ignore.

The body of the bag is rectangular and has rigid walls so you can store hammers, electrodes, brushes, and other crucial welding tools. It also has a pocket on the outside for your gloves and can even hold your jacket.

Wear it as a backpack or carry it as needed; this bag is a must have for welders on the go.

2. Custom Leathercraft 1134 Carpenter’s Tool Backpack

Moving on to something that carpenters will benefit from, we have Custom LeatherCraft’s 1134 Carpentry Backpack.

It features two main zippered compartments that unzip all the way to the base; this allows you to open the bag a full 180° so you can see everything inside.

You’ll have no problem organizing all of your tools thanks to the 36 interior pockets and eight exterior pockets for a total of 44 on the entire bag.

Many appreciate the front panel pocket that can hold extension cords, cables, ropes or anything else that the pockets can’t hold.

The straps are comfortable, and the material is durable, but on the base, it would have been better if they used a plastic molded material to offer water resistance and durability.

There are still plenty of other reasons to love this bag, and if you’re a carpenter looking for a great backpack tool bag solution, you’ve just found it.

3. Veto TECH PAC Service Technician Bag

Veto knows how to make a quality tool bag and the price of this one reflects that.

They used a mixture of sturdy 950D and 1250D Nylon that makes the bag both weather-resistant and abrasion-resistant. The base is also made of a waterproof polypropylene, and the zippers are double stitched with large zipper tabs that are easy to grasp with gloves on.

The storage space is infinite with two storage bays, four storage platforms, and a total of 56 pockets (interior and exterior) to help you organize everything perfectly.

This backpack is tough. It was built to handle all types of weather conditions and the unforgiving daily grind of many professions. Service technicians find it especially useful, so if you have valuable tools that you would like to protect and you need the hands-free convenience of a backpack tool bag, this one is worth every single penny. You won’t be replacing it anytime soon.