6 Best Survival Backpacks 2020

Ready to buy a survival backpack and not sure where to begin?

We hear you. There are too many bags and packs to count once you start searching for the right one, which is exactly why we help you jump directly to the good stuff on our list below.

Find the best survival backpack for your needs and find out more about how to properly stock your bag so that you’ll be prepared in the event that you need to use it.

A Few Things to Consider

Before you choose a backpack, here are a few things you should consider:

  • Ready-To-Use or Do-It-Yourself. Some backpacks come ready to use with all of the basic essentials that you’ll need. If you’re looking for something ready-to-use, check out numbers three, five and six on our list below.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, then you might look for an empty bag that you can customize yourself. Check out numbers one, two and four below.

  • What Your Bag Is Prepared For. If you live in an area that is prone to certain natural disasters, i.e. earthquakes or tornados, your bag should contain items that will help you survive if they occur.

Take into consideration the climate and geographical area that you’re in.

  • Number of People. As you search for a bag and plan the contents, consider the number of people that the bag will service and don’t forget about pets!

Top 6 Survival Backpacks Ultimate Chart

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Bag Essentials

As you browse through the various military bags, bug-out bags and tactical bags, there are a few crucial items you need no matter how large or how small the bag may be.

If you buy a pre-stocked bag, then make sure it has all of the following items.

If you plan to stock the bag yourself, make sure these are on your checklist and fill in the gaps based on your own personal needs.

  • Water/water purification tablets
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • First-Aid kit
  • Fire kit
  • Knife/multi-use tool

There are plenty of extras that you can pack, such as personal hygiene items, clothing, a book, and climate-specific items (for extreme heat or cold. You want the bag’s contents to match your specific needs.

Bug-Out Bag

The easiest option is to get a bug-out bag. These are grab-and-go bags that have everything you need for 72 hours, and you can get them pre-stocked for specific situations (such as natural disasters, terrorism or fire).

Top 3 Best Survival Backpack Reviews

1. CVLIFE Tactical Backpack Military Rucksacks

The best survival backpack is one that is comfortable, multi-functional, spacious and affordable, and luckily, the CVLIFE Outdoor Tactical Backpack is all of the above!

Whether you’re hiking or trekking, you need a bug-out bag or a regular backpack, this has all of the compartments and pockets you’ll need to organize your gear.

It’s made of a strong 600D Nylon, has a 30-liter capacity and has two straps (a waist strap and sternum strap) to help you evenly distribute the weight if you are carrying an extra heavy load.

This bag is customizable in many different ways, so as a bug-out bag that you organize yourself or as a tactical backpack that holds gear, survival supplies and ammo, you’ll definitely find a use for it no matter what type of survival bag you want to organize!

2. Monkey Paks Tactical Backpack Bundle

This military-style bag has everything you need. It comes with three molle bags, one of which is a detachable bug-out bag if you need to leave in a hurry and can’t bring the entire pack.

It’s also made of tough 600D Nylon and the strong zippers are quite as you open and close them (great when you need to stay hidden yet quietly access the contents of your bag.

It also includes a BPA-free 2.5-liter bladder so you can easily stay hydrated while you’re out walking. A great backpack that is easy to customize and use!

3. Wise Company Food 5-Day Survival Backpack

If you prefer something ready-to-use, this 5-Day backpack has everything that one person will need in order to survive.

It has a portable stove, 32 meal servings, five water pouches and even a deck of playing cards if you get bored!

You may need to customize it a bit by adding or removing items that may not be suitable in your climate or geographical area, but overall, if you’re looking for a grab-and-go survival bag, this has all of the basic items you need.