10 Best Rolling Duffel Bags 2020

Thanks to their roomy compartments and versatility, duffel bags are a great addition to any luggage collection you have sitting in your closet (or under the bed).

Those with wheels are particularly handy since they make transporting heavy loads much easier.

Not sure which is the best rolling duffel bag for your needs and budget?

Our experts are here to give you the breakdown on all the top choices. Read on to see which duffels made our list and find out what features you need to pay attention to when shopping for one.

Top 10 Wheeled Duffel Bags Comparison Table

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How to Choose the Right Duffel

There are plenty of duffel bags to choose from, so here are the main features you need to look at as you compare them all.

  • Pockets. How many exterior pockets are there? How many would you prefer to have?

If you’re using the duffel to transport gear, then it’s nice when you have separate compartments that help you keep everything organized.

For travel, pockets are great for soft items that won’t get cracked or damaged in case you end up checking the bag.

  • Size. Do you need a carry-on duffel or will you be checking it? Those who fly and rely on a duffel need to check airline baggage limits before checking in to avoid an unexpected checked bag fee.

The World Traveler 21-inch Rolling Duffel is perfect as a carry-on, but some of the 21 or 22-inch bags might be a problem if they’re over-stuffed.

  • Handle. Not all wheeled duffels have a telescoping handle that you can pull out or collapse to make pulling it easier.

Those without require you to pull them by the straps on the side of the bag, and while there is no risk of damaging it, this is a bit inconvenient for taller people.

Top 3 Best Rolling Duffel Bag Reviews

1. Code Alpha Mini Monster Wheeled Deployment Bag

While this bag is marketed as a deployment bag for military personnel, it will work great for plenty of people who want a high-quality, durable duffel for travel.

Unlike most duffels, this one has a large main compartment that has a divider inside to help you keep belongings a bit more organized. There is also a zip pocket on the inside, and it has a handy zip-off exterior pouch where you can put smaller accessories.

Another unique feature is the third wheel. It helps balance the load much more evenly than a bag with just two wheels.

The material they used for the shell is splash resistant (it is a mixture of 450D nylon and 1680D polyester, both of which are very strong). There is also foam padding on the walls to help protect the contents better than a regular duffel.

The only thing it is missing is a telescoping handle, so you’ll have to pull it from the strap on the side instead. Just attach an extra strap so you don’t have to crouch down to pull it.

This bag really is a “Mini Monster” and works great for foreign travel adventures, college students or those being deployed.

2. Eagle Creek No Matter What Rolling Duffel

Eagle Creek’s bag was meant to do a little bit of everything for outdoor adventurists. Whether you’re camping, rock climbing, headed to a sporting event or going to grandma’s house for the weekend, this duffel can handle it all.

The secret to the bag’s success is the Bi-Tech fabric they used on the shell. It is water repellent, which means that you can set this on damp surfaces without worrying about the moisture soaking through to your belongings. You want to throw this on the roof of your car? Go right ahead. Did it get a little dirty and muddy during the ride? Just spray it down and let it dry.

The main compartment is huge – 105 liters – and it only weighs 3 pounds. They offer the No Matter What Duffel in smaller versions that don’t have wheels, too, but since you are interested in finding the best rolling duffel, we wanted to focus on this one.

Another thing you’ll love is the stuff sack. You can use it to store the duffel when not in use or use it as an extra pouch for small items.

It is a bit expensive, but it is one of the most rugged rolling duffels out there.

3. Olympia Luggage Rolling Duffel Bag

Athletes really love this rolling duffel bag, especially for travel.

It features a telescoping handle, tons of storage pouches, and a roomy main compartment for you to place all of your gear.

Some try to use it as a carry-on, but you need to make sure that you double check with the airline’s sizing limitations. Some get this on without a problem while others – since the bag is packed full – have to end up checking it because it exceeds the limits. We’d use it as a carry on to be safe.

At this price, you can’t expect it to perform as well as the Eagle Creek bag. We don’t see it holding up well if you check it frequently for flying, but for local use to help you haul heavy gear from car to field or gym to dorm room, it is very functional and affordable.