10 Best Range Bags 2020

Forget the backpacks (which are made for school gear) and forget the gym bags (which are made for gym gear). If you shoot, then you absolutely need a range bag.

These are designed specifically for your shooting gear, which is exactly what you need to keep all of your pistols, rifle supplies rounds and everything else in order for a day at the shooting range.

Find the best range bag for your needs below. We compare and contrast brands and features to help you choose the right one, whether you shoot competitively or just for fun.

Consider This

Before you select a bag, consider the following.

  • Zipper. How durable are the zippers on the bag? Unfortunately, many bags are made with weak zippers, and when they break, they might not be repairable, not even by a professional tailor!

Look for bags with strong, heavy-duty zippers that you can rely on.

  • Size/Comfort. Whether large and spacious, small and simple, square or rectangle, find a bag with comfortable, padded straps.

Sling a few over your shoulder and add in some weight to get an idea of how it will rest on your shoulder and how comfortable it is to wear/carry. Try before you buy, shooters!

  • Material. Obviously, the bag will bear some heavy loads, so find something made of at least 600-D polyester or 400-D nylon and find out how the seams are stitched. The areas of the bag that are stressed the most should have reinforced stitching to help them remain intact.
  • Carry It or Wear It. The majority of range bags are designed to be carried by hand or over one shoulder, but remember that you can also find some handy backpack range bags (like number three on our list )that make them easier to transport.

We have several options below, so think about your needs and preferences on the range as you shop!

Top 10 Range Bags Comparison Table

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What It Should Hold

While a range bag should have enough room for your standard gear, such as ammo, maintenance tools, eye protection and earmuffs, everyone has different needs!

Some go overboard with their range bag contents, making them heavy, but at least they know that they’ll always have exactly what they need.

Avoid packing too little. Asking for supplies of other shooters at the range is fine once or twice, but if it becomes a habit, you’ll just annoy and distract the other shooters. Bad idea!

Get yourself a range bag that holds all of the things that you, personally need. It could be a small one or a large one, a backpack or a used one, but make a list of your supplies and then match the bag to them.

Some useful features include:

  • Removable Pouch. Check out number three on our list, for example. It has three handgun pouches that you can take out whenever you need them. Keeps you from digging through the bag for all of the individual items since everything is already grouped together and separate inside the pouch.
  • Number of Handguns. How many handguns do you usually bring? Make sure the bag has enough pouches for them.
  • Bulky Items. The center compartment should offer you plenty of room for larger, bulkier items.
  • Target Storage Space. While some shooters go overboard with the contents of their range bags, it never hurts to have some extra gear on hand! See if the bag has room for your targets so you don’t have to purchase any at the range.
  • Beverages. If you like to throw in a bottle of water or two, you might want a bag that has some drink pouches. Might save you a few bucks!

Top 3 Best Range Bags Reviews

1. 5.11 59049-019

This is the bag that shooters buy if they’ve already gone through a few cheap ones, so if you happen to be buying your first range bag, then skip all of the crap and get yourself a good range bag like this one.

It’s made of 600-denier polyester and features two front pockets with zippers, one large pocket with zip on the back, and two side pockets. It also has a removable, divided insert (three compartments inside) that you can adjust.

The bag is well padded and well-constructed. If you have a lot of gear to take to the range and need something large, this is the best range bag for your needs!

2. Explorer Tactical Range

If you need a bag to hold gear for more than one shooter, this is the one to choose.

It has compartments, pouches, dividers and plenty of storage for everything you could possibly need at the range. It has seven magazine pouches in the front compartment and four magazine pouches in the back compartment, removable inner pouches, two zipped handgun pouches and a spacious main compartment.

It’s also made with 600-denier polyester, so it can handle the heavy loads without a problem.

3. G.P.S. 301214-P

While this is a bit smaller and more expensive than the other bags, it’s tough as nails and more convenient to carry.

It features an internal honeycomb frame, triple-stitched webbing system and labeled storage pouches so you know where each piece of gear will fit.

It has heavy-duty zippers and helps you keep everything neat and organized.

For convenience and quality, this backpack is ideal for serious shooters who want a serious place to store their equipment.