6 Best Purse Organizers 2020

If you’re constantly searching through your handbag trying to find things and coming up empty handed, then it’s time to get organized!

Forget about making double purchases, buying something because you couldn’t find it in your handbag and then discovering it a few days later. Now you’ll be able to keep everything in plain view and you’ll always have whatever you need at hand, when you need it with a quality purse organizer.

Things to Consider

Before you choose which is the best purse organizer for your needs, you should consider a few things.

Purse organizers come in multiple sizes so make sure you order the right size to suit the handbag you want organized. Check each company’s size chart or use the measurements provided by them to ensure you get the right size organizer.

Top 6 Purse Organizers Comparison

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Buying Information

So you’ve got a messy purse and you’ve decided to get it organized. Well good! It’s about time you came around and you’ll love having everything sorted out too, not only will you be able to find everything – it’ll look much neater. No more of this mess everywhere, no more forgotten about tissues and lost lipstick lids. But before you make a purchase think carefully about these points.

  • Zippered Compartments. These are a must have if your purse will be carrying any sensitive or private items. They are great for also hiding away personal items you don’t want others to see.
  • Mesh Outer Pockets. These are great for storing makeup, hair pins and other little everyday items. The mesh pockets have elastic tops so even small items will stay in place when your purse accidentally tips over.
  • Multiple Compartments – You can never have enough pockets. And the best organizers have plenty! Look for organizers with at least 3 main slip pouches so you can keep everything well sorted.
  • Expandable. Sometimes you just need that one extra spot to put something, well rather than buying a new organizer, the best purse organizer will have the option to expand as you need it.

Top 3 Best Purse Organizer Reviews

1. Periea Handbag Organizer

The leaders in purse organizers, and it’s very clear to see why. All of their organizers are well-made, designed and look great. We loved the light grey coloring of the internal pockets on this organizer. It meant that we could find even the smallest things, like an eyelash extension without having to look too hard.

Other organizers have dark linings and even patterned ones which can make finding small items much harder. The zippers were of great quality and the mesh outer pockets were very useful for storing everyday items like hair ties.

There are so many color options for this organizer and we loved being able to pick our favorite colour, or match it to our favorite handbag. There are strong reinforced handles which make it very easy to lift the whole organizer out of one handbag and into another – perfect for last minute changes.

2. Hoxis Insert Organizer Purse

The materials used in this purse organizer are high quality, the whole organizer can go into the wash and is super easy to clean. Again the mesh pockets are great for storing things that I need quick access to such as my phone charger cable or sunscreen.

There is extra storage everywhere and plenty of places to put things into. Not only that, but the main centre pocket is expandable and easily accommodates larger items such as hats and even cardigans.

We even managed to fit a spare dress in the centre pocket. Having the handles right in the middle of the organizer is great as we can just pull the whole thing up to get access to all the outside pockets. The colors available are very stylish and will suit a wide range of handbags too.

3. Leegoal(TM) Travel Cosmetic Pocket Insert Handbag

The best purse organizer for its price, the Leegoal packs a whole lot of value into its incredibly affordable price. And there is plenty of room for everything you could ever want to store in your purse.

The organizer also has a little cushioning stitched in between the pockets which will protect your more sensitive items such as your phone or tablet. Its uses aren’t just restricted to your purse either. Plenty of homeowners use them around the house to store all sorts of knick knacks.

The build quality is a little lower than that of our top two picks but then you’re also paying a quarter of the price! Color selection is a little more limited than most of the organizers we reviewed but this organizer still holds up as a great addition to any messy purse.