10 Best Packing Cubes 2020

Packing cubes are literally a traveler’s dream. They help you group your clothing or personal items, they are convenient and you can find them in plenty of sizes. They also make sure that not all of your hard packing efforts go to waste if your bag is searched at the airport!

If you haven’t ever used packing cubes, or if you have and you need a new set, then we highlight the ten best packing cubes and sets for you below. We compare and contrast the favorites of world travelers, businesspeople, athletes, gym-goers and pretty much anyone who is looking for a way to travel tidy.

How to Choose

Before you select a set of cubes, here are some things to help you find the right one for your needs.

  • Size. Think about the thickness of your clothing and/or how much clothing you need to put in the cube. If you have bulky clothing (coats and jackets), be sure to get taller cubes (four inches is great).

If you’re packing for several people in one suitcase (parents with children, for example), then different color cubes are a great way to separate everyone’s belongings! How cute is number six on our list for the little traveling “princess” of the family!?

If you have other personal items or few clothing items to transport, then a thinner or narrower cube might be right for you.

  • Shape / Height. Rectangular, long and short, tall and fat, loose sides or rigid sides? You have choices when it comes to the shape. Most of the cubes on our list are similar in shape, but the height varies and so does the length. Number five, for example, is a set of six with a wide variety of sizes. This is great since it allows you to pick and choose the ones you need, when you need them!

Some cubes are also longer and narrower; if you have certain sports gear to transport that is oddly shaped, see if you can find a cube to match their shape.

  • Use. What type of bag will the cube(s) go into? Backpackers and hikers appreciate compression cubes (like number ten on our list below) because they don’t limit the space inside the pack. They also weigh less.

Business people will appreciate cubes that have thick, rigid sides to help keep their clothing wrinkle-free during travel.

  • Material. Nylon is the most common material since it is water resistant, and try to get cubes with mesh on the lid. This helps your clothing to breathe and let’s you see what you packed inside.

Avoid super cheap packing cubes, as they are made with cheap materials that won’t last very long. Expect to pay $25 minimum for a decent set!

Top 10 Packing Cubes Table

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Top 3 Best Packing Cubes Reviews

1. Dot&Dot Large Packing Cubes

The Dot&Dot cubes can be used in backpacks, sports bags or luggage, offering versatility to anyone on the go. They have sturdy zippers and a mesh top so you can not only see the contents, but it also lets your clothing or items breathe (this is especially great if you take them to soccer practice or the gym). They are flexible, as well, so if you happen to over-stuff them, the seams will stay intact.

While these are the large cubes, you can easily find them in medium, small and slim sizes to match any suitcase or bag shape. They also have 21 colors to choose from, so you’re bound to find the set that will match your luggage!

They offer a packing solution to anyone, for anything, which is why they earned the spot of best packing cubes on our list.

2. C+F the Vagabond 5 Piece Packing Cubes

For the serious traveler who wants a serious packing cube to keep their clothing safe, C+F offers this 5-piece set.

The shell is made of a durable, water resistant ripstop nylon and is specifically designed for all of your clothing. The larger cubes are suitable for your jackets and pants, the medium cubes for your shirts and tops, and the small cube for any accessories (socks, underwear, etc.)

They also feature a mesh top (most packing cubes do) for breathability and a smooth gliding zipper to make opening and closing the cubes a breeze.

Since these are mainly designed to be used in luggage, it does limit their uses, but the quality is excellent and perfect for the tidy domestic or international traveler! Businesspeople will also love these cubes.

3. Shacke Pak 4 Set Packing Cubes

Another great set of cubes that can handle the wear and tear of traveling. Also made of a water resistant nylon, the cubes are four inches deep and come with a laundry bag for your dirty clothes.

The biggest cube is larger than most, perfect for any bulky, winter travel clothing that you may take on your trip to the Swiss Alps!

The YKK zippers they use are top-of-the-line, so you won’t have to worry about them giving you any problems.

We’ll be honest, there are plenty of great packing cubes on our list, but we compared and contrasted quality, functionality, size and quantity of cubes in a set in order to highlight these three.

If you feel that these won’t quite meet your needs then check out the other seven products on our list because we’re sure one of them will!