10 Best Money Clip Wallets 2020

If you’re on the hunt for a great money clip wallet look no further than this guide! It can always be daunting trying to find a new wallet given that there’s such a vast selection to choose from and with the knowledge that it’s something you’re bound to be using daily. How can you know where to begin?

Well, reading this guide is a good start! We’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to the best money clip wallets on the market, taking the hard work out of searching for your perfect everyday necessity.

Top 10 Money Clip Wallets Table

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What’s RFID Blocking Technology?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and wallets featuring this blocking technology make it impossible for your credit or debit card details to be stolen and fraudulently used. Given the rising popularity of contactless cards, it’s definitely a plus to have in a money clip wallet nowadays.

Spring vs. Magnet Clip

There are two types of clip to choose from when you’re shopping for your next money clip wallet; the magnetic or the spring metal. The classic silver clip is simple and elegant, and can be easily fixed if it starts to work loose with too much use. On the other hand, the magnetic option is arguably more durable, but harder to remove bills from. It really is down to personal preference!

Top 3 Best Money Clip Wallet Reviews

1. Lemontec Super Slim Genuine Leather

This was the highest rated money clip wallet by our experts, scoring a full 5 out of 5 stars and it’s easy to see why.

Featuring a sleek bifold design, it ranks highly in aesthetic appeal. This minimalist vibe is perfect for the working professional, or even the college student on a budget. Given that it came in at the lower end price-wise, it’s definitely affordable for all.

Among its other attractive features is the pull-tab design, which allows you to easily remove your cards in a hassle-free manner. Imagine never having to worry about that cash desk panic of fumbling for your credit card again!

Even though it can hold a capacity of twelve cards plus cash, this wallet is guaranteed not to bulge, instead fitting neatly inside your trouser or shirt-front pocket with ease. What’s more, the skilled craftsmanship that’s gone into this wallet is guaranteed for one full year, meaning you don’t have to worry about hunting down your next one any time soon.

Overall, this top scoring wallet is easy on the eye and the bank balance. It’s sleek design features have a one year guarantee and its twelve card capacity will never look bulky. Look no further for a wallet that does it all and still comes in at a remarkably low price.

2. Mutbak Money Clip Wallet

Mutbak’s slim wallet came in a very respectable second position according to our experts and even with its slightly higher asking price, it’s a great option for those seeking an extra layer of protection from their wallet.

Featuring RFID blocking technology, this money clip wallet is perfect for our technological times, in which credit card fraud is on the rise. However, you never have to worry about that with the Mutbak slim line wallet, as your credit and debit cards are protected.

This wallet also features a magnetic money clip, ensuring your cash is never at risk of falling out as you go about your business. It’s top grain vegetable tanned leather exterior also features a top center pocket for receipts or even those extra dollar bills you have lying around.

Again, the sleek design is another key design feature of this wallet, as is its high quality and durable nylon stitching. Customers claim they can barely even tell it’s in their pocket, so lightweight and slim line is the product. Plus, Mutbak also offer a one year guarantee on their top-notch workmanship.

With room for eight credit cards and ten bills, this is the perfect wallet for those wanting to shake off that unnecessary bulk from their pockets. Reasonably priced and highly rated, the Mutbak wallet is an exceptional choice.

3. Vodux Lambskin Leather Spring Money Clip

The third highest ranked wallet is a fantastic option, with a lambskin leather exterior. Having scored 4.6 out of 5 with our experts, you certainly won’t be disappointed by either the function or the quality of this money clip wallet.

As opposed to the magnetic money clip of the previous wallet, this features a spring metal money clip, allowing it to fit to the amount of cash you want to carry with ease. But as well as the money clip, there is also ample space for up to ten credit or debit cards – six inside and four outside – and even an ID display window included.

Arguably boasting a more minimalist design than the previous wallets, there is no exterior branding and the outer edges are smooth and crisp. For those of you who prefer unbranded products, this is more than likely the best of the bunch. Added to that, it’s very reasonably priced!

For a quirky alternative to the typical cowhide leather, and at an excellent price, this is definitely the best money clip wallet to choose. It’s slim, lightweight and durable, as well as versatile.