10 Best Luggage Sets 2020

If you travel a great deal then you will need a durable and high-quality luggage set. Maybe you are a person who travels frequently for business across the US? Or maybe you love to travel and jet across the world as often as your work schedule allows? If so, you will need a reliable and diverse set of luggage to hold your important possessions, clothes, and documents.

Choosing a luggage set that best suits your needs can be a daunting task – There are literally hundreds of brands, sizes, and designs to choose from. Fear not! We can help you choose wisely; this guide aims to provide a wealth of information on the subject and show to you the best luggage sets on the market.

What to Consider When Choosing a Luggage Set?

  • Purpose. What do you intend to use the luggage for? Is it purely for business use? Will you be using it for long-haul travel? Considering what you will actually use the suitcases for is extremely important as this may determine how many pieces you need and how durable they need to be etc.
  • Size. If you are traveling only for a few days at a time, will your luggage fit in airplanes overhead storage compartment? How much boot space do you have in your personal vehicle? Depending on this, you may only have a limited amount of space to work with. Consider the maximum amount of storage you will require, and also if you would benefit from several different sizes of luggage.
  • Material. Suitcases are available in either a hard material (usually plastic) or a soft crushable fabric. Are you carrying delicate materials that cannot be damaged? Would a fabric suitcase give you more room in a vehicle? Consider which material would suit your requirements (and your taste) the best.
  • Functionality. Does the luggage set have wheels? Does it have a retractable handle? How many storage pockets does it contain? Does it come with a locking mechanism? What color and design do the suitcases come in? While size and materials are important, the actual functionality of a suitcase is crucial. Choose a set that can do everything you want, and one that you actually like the look of.

Top 10 Luggage Sets Ultimate Table

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Useful Buying Information

  • Does the Brand Name Matter? When choosing a luggage set, the brand plays an important role – Some brands have a reputation for high quality and creating products that last, while others might be relatively unknown and a risky investment. American Tourister, Travel Select, and Samsonite are all well-known luggage vendors – You can rely on their range of suitcases to provide great durability and an ergonomic design that is fit for purpose.
  • Size and Weight Matter! As mentioned above, luggage sets come in many shapes and sizes. Usually, a set of three suitcases will contain the following:
    • Large Case. Usually around 29″ in height
    • Medium Case. Usually around 25″ in height
    • Small Case/Hand Luggage. Usually 21″ in height

The largest case will be perfect for those long 2 week plus trips or even if you are going away for a shorter amount of time as a couple but want to share one case instead of taking two. The medium case will be suitable for a week long to 10-day trips, while the smallest case will be usable as hand luggage – Perfect for short business trips or weekend breaks.

Always remember to check the dimensions of the suitcases – While most small cases like the American Tourister Pop plus will fit in an overhead compartment on a plane, some may not be a standard size even though they are labeled as “small”.

Top 3 Best Luggage Sets Reviews

1. Samsonite Omni Hardside Spinner Set

One of the best luggage sets on the market, the Samsonite Omni is all about durability and resistance to the elements. It’s great if you’re looking for something that is both durable (these are hard shell suitcases) and budget-friendly.

These suitcases are scratch-resistant, they feature multi-directional spinner wheels and they are expandable (if you purchase a few extra souvenirs during your trip, you’ll definitely have room for them!)

For the intrepid traveler or the savvy business person, this range of cases provides extra security with its TSA approved locks, so your belongings will remain safe during transit. Everything about this set speaks of usability and it is a safe buy.

If you’re looking for a quality set of hard shell suitcases, it’s hard to go wrong with one from Samsonite!

2. Tommy Bahama Luggage Retreat II

This range of luggage boasts great quality and style and really looks the part as well as being functional and practical. We found the zips and wheels to be extremely sturdy and durable. The retractable handles were easy to extend and felt strong when pulling the cases. The distinct style of this set also meant that we could easily identify it at the luggage pickup.

Included in the Retreat II set are three different sized cases (small, medium and large) and also a small tote that works wonders for short breaks. The cases are expandable if you require additional storage and the polyester material is quite damage resistant. A high quality and well-made set of suitcases, perfect for regular use.

3. Samsonite Movelite Extreme Softside Set

While the Samsonite Fiero provides a stunning set of hard side luggage pieces, the Movelite Extreme range is a top rated softside set alternative. The design of the Movelite cases is simple and the black nylon finish doesn’t particularly stand out, but provides great protection. We found the different zip compartments to be extremely useful for separating our belongings, and the four spinner wheels really made the cases easy to manoeuvre.

The only downside to this set is that it only contains two pieces – The larger case is 27” with dimensions of 27×18.5×9.5 while the smaller hand luggage is 21” and a size of 20.5x15x8. The lightweight feel of these cases and the ample storage makes it a solid choice.