10 Best Kids Backpacks 2020

If your child has a new load of schoolbooks and school supplies for the year, then you know the importance of finding the best quality kids backpack. You want a stylish backpack your child will love, but you also want it to be light, comfortable, and durable.

With so many backpacks to choose from, it can be tricky to find the best kids backpack. In order to save you the stress of endless searching for the perfect backpack, we’ve created this complete guide to help you choose the perfect backpack for your child.

Top 10 Kids Backpacks Ultimate Chart

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Choosing the Right Backpack

  • Weight. When picking out the best backpack for your child, you may want to consider the weight of the backpack. It’s important to look for a backpack that’s large enough and durable; but, you also don’t want a backpack that’s going to be too heavy for your child. Take your child’s size and that backpack’s weight into account before buying.
  • Size. Another aspect to consider is what your child will use the backpack for. If it’s a school backpack, make sure the dimensions of the backpack will fit notebooks, binders, or whatever school supplies your child has. If the backpack will be used for travel, hiking, etc., take into account the number of pockets and zippers the pack has for storage.
  • Straps. Always look for backpacks with double straps. One strap or cross-body backpacks do not evenly distribute the weight on your shoulders and are not good for carrying heavy loads or for long periods of time. Look for a backpack with two straps, preferably with some cushioning on them for comfort.

Top 3 Best Kids Backpacks Reviews

1. Skip Hop Zoo Pack

One of the cutest kids backpacks you will ever see, the Zip Hop Zoo pack comes in 21 different animal styles. With a small size to fit toddlers and up, this pack features padded straps for tiny shoulders, an easy-access zippered main compartment, and an adjustable mesh pocket on the side for water bottles or juice boxes. This cute little pack can also be used as a diaper bag!

One of the best aspects of this backpack is that it has a front insulated pouch—perfect for keeping snacks cool. There is a write-on nametag inside as well, so you don’t have to worry about it being lost.

Although this backpack is probably too small for large books and binders, any preschool age child will fall in love with this fun, friendly, functional pack. It’s perfect for packing items for preschool, day-to-day outings, or overnight stays. The adorable animal designs makes this backpack not only a handy pack, but also a fun traveling “pal” for your child and one of the best backpacks for kids.

2. Nohoo Kids 3D Backpack Cartoon

As a unique backpack coming in many different animal styles and shapes, this pack is perfect for a toddler boy or girl. In addition to its adorable animal “sidekick” designs, it is made to comfortably fit the little bodies of toddlers up to preschoolers with its small shape and adjustable, padded straps.

While the shape and number of compartments vary depending on which animal design you buy, all backpack styles feature one main toddler-sized zippered compartment; and additionally, most designs come with two drink pockets on the side. With high quality zippers, this pack is built for long-lasting use.

One of the best features of this backpack is its waterproof, environmentally durable material. It is made of neoprene, which is not only soft, but also holds up in the wash. Your child can have a soft, comfortable backpack that can be regularly machine washed and air dried for easy cleaning and freshness.

Although it’s not sized for school binders and folders, it is perfect for carrying small items without being bulky or heavy. As a backpack that can be used for school, lunches, diaper bag, hiking, and travel, the Nohoo Kids 3D backpack will serve all your toddlers needs.

3. Vbiger School Backpack for Girls Boys

If you’re looking for a well-made backpack with lots of organization and storage options, look no further than the Vbiger School Backpack. This backpack is also available in multiple colors and patterns, so you can be sure to find one your child will love.

It features lots of organizational space inside its multiple zippered compartments, front pouch, and side mesh pockets. The three zippered sections, each one larger than the next, uses double zippers to make them convenient to access. There are plenty of spaces for storing electronics, like laptops or tablets, as well as books and small items.

These shoulder straps are very well padded with breathable fabric for more comfort when carrying heavy items. The material is also water resistant, so you don’t have to be worried about things getting ruined if you child happens to get caught in the rain. It is made from a sturdy nylon material that maintains its shape, even when empty. You can be sure this backpack will last.

This backpack works great not only as a school bag, but also as a hiking or traveling backpack. This is one of the best kids backpacks for style, durability, and organization.