10 Best Designer Handbags 2020

Owning an authentic designer handbag can seem way out of budget for many of us, yet if you know where to look, you might find your dream bag with a lower price tag.

In our guide, we will be showing you 10 of the best designer handbags that you can actually afford.

If you love to see names like Coach, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors lining your closet shelves, then read on to see how you can own your own handbag one from one of these (and many other) top designers.

Top 10 Designer Handbags Ultimate Table

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Tips for Getting a Designer Handbag

It’s true: not all of the handbags here are offered at a discounted price, but if you keep an eye on them, sometimes the prices will drop. It depends on the season and the demand, but when comparing these brands to the high-end designer brands like Chanel, the price is much more affordable.

  • Beware of the Fakes. No one wants to waste time and money receiving a fake knockoff, so before you get a bag, make sure that it is coming from a reliable source.

Reach out and ask questions to see how they respond and find out what others have experienced when ordering the same product from them.

There are usually some pretty obvious red flags, so do some detective work before you purchase.

  • Previously Owned. Opting for a previously owned bag is another way to save if you don’t mind a few small scuffs or flaws.

When buying used, it is always best to find out the return policy. Ideally, you want to be able to return the purse (unused) with no questions asked for a full refund within the time frame set by the seller.

Color and Price – One Can Affect the Other

Just a tip – remember that some colors of a handbag model can cost more (or less) than others. It depends on how “rare” one particular color or pattern might be, so if you really like the style of a purse but feel that it is still a bit too expensive, remember that a color change might cause the price to drop in your favor.

Top 3 Best Designer Handbags Reviews

Here, we’ll give you the details about three of the best designer handbags.

Don’t like them? No problem – you can check out the other seven options in our table if these don’t match your style.

1. MICHAEL Michael Kors Signature Tote

Michael Kors has designed many successful purses and handbags, but the Signature Tote has to be one of his most popular. Totes are perfect for traveling. You can use them on an airplane or even transform them into purse/diaper bags when you are on the go with little ones.

The base of the bag is sturdy with four feet for it to rest on and the walls of the purse are soft (not stiff like the Kate Spade purse we will discuss later). The fact that they’re soft mean that you have room to “stuff” if you’re traveling and want to fit some extra items in the main compartment.

If you aren’t a fan of real leather, then another reason for you to feel good about this tote is the fact that it is made with synthetic leather. The price is a bit high considering this (real leather bags cost the same), but animal lovers don’t mind.

It’s easy to find matching accessories that go with this bag. We love the Michael Kors Fulton Carryall Leather Wallet with the same color and pattern.

2. MFossil Morgan Crossbody

One of our favorite on the go bags is a Crossbody, and we love Fossil’s Morgan bag.

The style is basic, but that’s what makes it work with so many outfits. It’s definitely more on the casual side, but the small details add a touch of style and give you a few more colors to play with (the contrasting thread used on the topstitching, the gold buttons and D-ring, and the zipper pull in a contrasting color of leather).

The storage isn’t ample, but that’s to be expected with a crossbody bag that measures 10.5” x 2.5” x 10”. It has two slide pockets, and one zippered pocket and the phone pouch is compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.

For a casual, dependable bag that will go with you just about anywhere, the Morgan is a great match.

3. kate spade new york Cedar Street Maise Satchel

Kate Spade’s dome-shaped satchel “Maise” has been a huge hit since its release. The size is ideal for most who don’t want to carry around a huge tote yet still need more room than a pochette, or crossbody bag can offer. It is 10.5 inches long and 9 inches high with a 4.5-inch depth.

The look is classic and versatile. We love that it comes with a long strap so you can wear it as a crossbody bag or detach the strap and carry it by the handles. The color choices are definitely more geared toward the spring and summer months, but there are a few fall colors in the mix. A tablet will fit snuggly in it, but be aware that the shape doesn’t allow the top to open very wide.

The nice thing about this satchel is that it will hold its shape well. The leather is stiff, and while we weren’t too excited to see that the edges of the leather on the handle were finished with the black coating that will eventually peel off (probably Edge Kote) the rest of the bag is well constructed and durable.