6 Best Compact Umbrellas 2020

If you want to keep yourself protected from bad weather, but can’t be bothered lugging around a great big umbrella then you need a compact umbrella. The best compact umbrella has all the strength of traditional stick type umbrellas and provides just as much protection from the rain – all without weighing you down with another bulky item to carry.

Things to Consider

Compact umbrellas have come a long way in recent years, with new models provided exceptionally strong support even under high wind conditions. Earlier versions were poorly made and almost always popped inside out under the slightest of breeze.

Compact umbrellas used to be pretty useless when it came to wet weather, but nowadays they are as good as, if not better than, traditional stick umbrellas. Just make sure you get a good quality umbrella with a windproof rating that ensures you really are buying something of quality.

Top 6 Compact Umbrellas Chart

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Buying Information

The best compact umbrella has a few features that separate it from the rest of the shockingly poor quality compacts. There are so many poorly made compact umbrellas on the market that it is very important to take the time to evaluate each option and ensure you buy something that will perform as expected. Here’s what to look for in your compact umbrella.

  • Windproof Rating. The best umbrellas come with a windproof rating, this means that the manufacturer has tested the umbrella under strong wind conditions and it has performed correctly. Poorly made umbrellas never come with a windproof rating.
  • Weight. Compact umbrellas are made to be kept in your bag, coat pocket or purse and should be light weight so they don’t slow you down throughout the day. Light weight limits the type of materials that can be used in their construction too, so look for nylon fabrics.

Top 3 Best Compact Umbrella Reviews

1. Tiargo Gear Auto Open & Close Travel Umbrella

Simply the best umbrella money can buy. If you’re looking for a compact umbrella that you can take everywhere then this is it. Not only is this umbrella super lightweight and easy to transport, it comes with a full 60MPH windproof rating.

And don’t think for a second that with such a strong frame that this umbrella will be difficult to open or close – not a chance! With its super-fast auto open and close button you can operate this entire umbrella with just one hand. Your other hand can be kept free to open car doors or hold onto your purse.

Weighing less than a pound and measuring just 11” long, this umbrella is perfectly sized to fit into your purse, briefcase or backpack. And even if the wind manages to flip your umbrella inside out, not one component of it will break and you’ll be able to flick it back into position with ease.

Not only does the high quality canopy resist heavy rains, it also dries incredibly fast. Simply shake off the excess water when you’re away from the rain and then put it in your bag.

2.Benkii 10 Ribs Auto Open & Close Umberella

Whilst most compact umbrellas come with 6-8 ribs for support, the Benkii has an impressive 10 reinforced ribs. Not only providing support for strong winds, but also ensuring that the canopy is taught at all times.

With a highly water resistant and mildew resistant canopy, made from 100% 210PG material this umbrella will protect you through even the wettest and roughest of storms. And you can rest assured that the next time you use it, the canopy will never have any mould or mildew on it with its anti-mildew coating.

We especially loved the handle grip on the umbrella and found it to be very comfortable for holding onto even in the strongest of winds. The texture provided plenty of grip to hold our umbrella just wear we needed it to keep us out of the rain too.

3. CrownCoast Oak Leaf Foldable Rain Umbrella

With a stunningly beautiful pattern on the outside of the canopy, this umbrella brightens everyone’s day even on the gloomiest of days. And that’s not to say that it doesn’t perform well as an umbrella either, in fact this umbrella will keep you dry even in the wettest of weather.

The frame is strong and the canopy stretches to a comfortable 37 inches across. When the umbrella is closed it returns to a very comfortable and easy to carry size of just 11.5 inches. The anti-slip rubberized grip ensures that you will always have a firm and comfortable hold on your umbrella during high winds.

We found the canopy to be just right for women but a little small for men who have a wider frame. It’s pretty clear that this umbrella has been designed for the woman in mind with a beautiful flower pattern on the top.