6 Best Carry on Luggage for Suits 2020

Clothes make us who we are, which is why we need to pay close attention where we store our business outfits. It’s important to prevent unsightly wrinkles from ruining a business meeting or an important event, yet the size needs to be small enough to be taken as a carry-on during your flight.

If you are looking for such a bag to store your garments, this guide will give you a few ideas on the best carry on luggage for suits. The products mentioned can safely preserve your clothes to make them look nice and neat.

Top 6 Carry on Luggage for Suits Table

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Buying Info on Carry-Ons

Carry-ons differ depending on the preferences of the traveler. Some like pieces of luggage that they can lift and take them wherever they go, and others simply discard the hassle of the weight and drag their luggage around. Therefore, there are two types of carry-ons:

  • The Foldable Bag. This kind of bag can be either a shoulder-strap type or a simple handle type. These are usually smaller in size and foldable and can easily fit in a couple of suits to carry with you.
  • The Roller. Rollers, or wheeled pieces of luggage, can be used when you have heavier items to take with you. For instance, if you go away for a longer time, you will need more suits – which means more weight.

The advantage of roller luggage is that the weight will press on the wheels – not your body. It’s easier to drag a bag around on wheels than to lift and carry it around.

Top 3 Best Carry on Luggage for Suits Reviews

1. Prottoni 44″ Shoulder Strap Garment Bag

When you want your suit to stay neat, wrinkle-free and dry, you must make sure that the craftsmanship of the bag is flawless. The Prottoni bag was designed to be large enough to pack a couple of day’s worth of clothing with little to no discomfort.

The reason why it’s considered to be the best carry on luggage for suits is because it sports the following features:

  • Six wire hangers on which you can attach your suits
  • Four independent pockets
  • Shoulder strap that can hold up to 60 lbs
  • Heavy duty zippers
  • High-quality polyester with PVC lining strengthening

The bag was specifically made to fit in the overhead bin of most planes – even the smaller ones. If the provided hooks aren’t enough, you can use your own as well. The fabric is lightweight, so you won’t have a problem with extra weight – other than what you’re carrying in the bag.

Considering that this bag folds nicely, you won’t find any weird creases on your clothes. The zippers are strong enough to keep your bag tight and insulated, keeping all of your clothes in one place.

2. Travelpro Maxlite3 Expandable Rollaboard

If you don’t have enough strength in your arms, then the Maxlite 3 from TravelPRO was made just for you. The reasons why it’s perfect as a carry on are:

  • It’s large enough to fit a few days worth of travel suits but small enough to fit in most of the plane overhead compartments.

When put to the test, this carry-on can perfectly fit:

  • 2 suits
  • 3 shirts
  • 3 undershirts
  • 4 socks
  • 4 sock liners
  • 2 cosmetic bags
  • Work shoes
  • Sandals
  • 2 casual outfits
  • A couple of ties
  • A computer

As a business traveler, this bag would be perfect for you. Still, if you are a casual traveler who likes to pack heavy, then you might want to go for a bigger bag. For 5-day business trips, however, it’s a perfect size.

3. DALIX Foldable Bag for Suits/easyazon_link]

This is yet another carry-on that you can fold to carry while keeping your clothes in place.

This suit bag has one main zipped compartment as well as two front zipped pockets. It has enough space to store 3-5 days worth of clothing.

The material is very sturdy; not too thick but not too thin either. You can easily fit a suit or two along with some shirts and/or sweaters. Since it folds, it’s very easy to make it more compact and prevent dragging parts – while still preventing creases.

Overall, choosing the best carry on luggage for suits depends on your own preferences – and how much you plan to be away. However, the thing with carry-ons is that you have a luggage limit – which is why you will need to learn how to pack smart. In this case, both a roller and a foldable type can work.