Best Carry-On Luggage for Business Travel 2020

We get it, you are a business traveler. For some, a life on the go is, well, work, while for others, it is a lifestyle. Whatever your reason, you will need luggage that can keep up with you both in- and outside the office. If you are looking for the best carry-on luggage for business travel that combines affordability, durability and versatility, this guide is for you.

Consider This Before Buying

  • Price. We are not all made out of money because if we were, we wouldn’t have to work. Prices may vary widely, but don’t skimp when it comes to buying a new carry on. Look at purchasing a carry-on as an investment instead of a chore.
  • Size and Portability. No, you are not imagining things: overhead bins are getting stuffed to the gills. And unless airlines give up their baggage fees (good luck), business travelers will need to be mindful of size. Each airline determines the maximum size carry-on it will allow. Presently, the three major U.S. airlines (American, Delta and United) allow passengers to bring a carry-on no bigger than 22 x 14 x 9 inches, including the wheels and handle.
  • Durability. You wouldn’t expect your coworker to bail on you at the last minute, so why should you expect that from your luggage? Buy a carry-on that can keep up with you.
  • Technology. It doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Some bags are getting a makeover for the 21st Can’t find your luggage? Use your smartphone to track its coordinates using its built GPS. Battery running low and can’t find an outlet? Another bag gives you the power you need with its built in USB ports.

Top 10 Business Carry-On Luggage Options

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3 Best Carry-On Luggage for Business Travel Reviews

1. Silhouette Sphere

Samsonite is no newbie in the world of travel, so it is not a surprise that the Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 2 ranked first for best carry-on luggage for business travelers.

The Sphere 2 builds upon the initial success of its predecessor, maintaining a feature that made frequent travelers rejoice when it was first introduced. The Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 2’s split sphere wheel design makes rolling over both uneven and smooth surfaces effortless. It also rolls upright, so there is no uneven weight on your arms or shoulders.

This piece of luggage will be able to handle anything you throw at it. The case is made out of SamGuard, a rugged, water resistant nylon fabric. There are also rubberized corner pads on each corner that guard against wear and tear, while also acting as a shock protector, so it’s great for when, you know, you’re scrambling to catch your next flight.

The Silhouette Sphere 2 boasts large storage capacity for your documents, work clothes, dress shoes and whatever else you need to stay productive on the road.

Don’t add any more work on top of what you have. Any serious traveler who is looking for a combination of street and work smarts should look into the Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 2.

2. Helium Aero

Delsey is another reliable name in the game and its Helium Aero carry-on comes in second on our list with its simple and stylish look. It is lightweight and durable, made out of 100% polycarbonate that is resistant to cracks and gives its sturdy case a stylish, deep metallic finish.

The Helium also boasts several features for the frequent traveler. First, its superior maneuverability with its double spinner wheels that, similar to the Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 2, offers multi-directional rolling over different surfaces.

Second, it boasts two large, fully lined compartments and pockets with Its straps and a zippered divider not only make organizing a snap but will also keep your valuable contents safe and sound.

The Helium does lack outside pockets, which may be an issue for some travelers who want more easy access to their stuff.

Work may be boring, but your luggage doesn’t need to be. Stand out from the crowd with the Helium, a stylish, but practical, choice for any discerning business traveler.

3. Granada Rolling

The Swissgear Granada Rolling Case, coming third on our list, is a veritable work horse and what it lacks in style, is more than made up by its business smarts.

This rolling case is packed full of pockets for your mobile phone, passport and notebooks, writing instruments, or whatever knick knack you have.

There are additional compartments, one that will keep your documents in pristine condition (think of all the files you can carry!), another one that will fit most 15” or 17” laptops and one for your clothes.

There is no question this case is sturdy. The case remains stable and easy to handle even when packed full, saving your back any additional strain. And to add a cherry on top, it also fits underneath your seat in case the overhead bins fill up (and they usually do).