10 Best Bug Out Bags 2020

It’s time to get yourself a new BOB, and no, we aren’t referring to the short haircut that was popular in the 1920’s.

BOB, or bug-out bag, contains everything you need in case of a quick evacuation. Earthquake, hurricane, flash flood, mass shooting, terrorism or tornado? A bug-out bag is your go-to safety cushion that might save your life one day.

Below, we help you find the best bug out bag for your emergency plan and offer you some tips that will help you to create a custom bag for your needs.

What’s with the Name?

The bug-out bag, also known as “bail-out bag,” contains all of the essential things you need to survive in case of an emergency.

Unlike a first aid kit, this bag has food, water and other tools that will last for up to three days (72 hours).

The term “bug out” (slang) is sometimes used by the British military, which means that one must leave in a hurry when their current location has been compromised.

In short, this is a 72-hour survival kit.

Things to Consider

Before you select a bug-out bag, here are a few things to consider:

  • Climates and Disasters. Think about the types of natural disasters that may occur in your area before you choose a bag. If you’re traveling to a new area and want an emergency bag, investigate the climate and temperatures of the local area.

Areas that are earthquake prone, tornado prone, hurricane or typhoon, etc. Some bags contain disaster-specific items, so you may need to consider this as you shop.

Some kits may have things that you might not need while others don’t have enough. Remember that you can always add or substitute items to create your ideal bag!

  • Number of People. How many people does the kit need to service? If you have a family with children, it’s likely that one of the adults will be carrying the bag in the event of an emergency, so you probably won’t need an individual kit for each family member.

There are also two-person kits and one-person kits. If your family has four members, it might be a good idea to get two 2-person kits, that way if you get split up, then the likelihood of having enough supplies is greater.

  • Pets. If you have a pet, don’t forget to include them in your escape plan! Pack additional supplies as needed for your four-legged friends.
  • Food Allergies. Are you allergic to anything? Are you vegan or vegetarian?

If so, this will greatly affect your bug-out bag selection.

Make sure you read the food or rations ingredients carefully, because the worst time to find out that you bought something that you shouldn’t eat or that you don’t eat is during a disaster.

Top 10 Bug out Bags Ultimate Chart

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Bug out Bag Essentials

There are many different situations where a bug-out bag would be useful, and it’s not just for natural disasters.

Essentials include:

  • Water and food
  • Map and compass
  • Fire starter kit
  • Tarp and shelter
  • Thermal blanket
  • Flashlight

Let’s take a look at the various emergencies where the kit would come in useful and find out which items are good to have in the bag in case of that emergency:

  • Natural Disaster (Earthquake, Flood, Tornado, Tsunami, Hurricane, Fire). Consider getting a dust mask. It might come in handy if you are around fallen buildings or where there’s a high risk of smoke inhalation.

You might benefit from some fishing gear, pocketknife or small hatchet if you are headed out into the wilderness, as well as a hammock for sleeping.

Gloves are great to help protect your hands from sharp debris.

  • Terrorism. This is a threat that is all too real in today’s world, so you might consider a bug out bag that has a knife or small weapon to help you protect yourself.
  • Shooting / Riots. Have a mask that will protect you from tear gas or toxic sprays that may be fired by the police or armed forces.

Top 5 Best Bug out Bag Reviews

1. SurvivalKitsOnline 4Person

Whatever your disaster, whether it be natural or from the hands of man, the four-person Survival Prep kit is the best bug out bag on our list.

The kit contains food and water, fire kit, survival whistle, emergency sleeping bags, personal hygiene items, clothing, surgical masks, mirror and even a deck of cards.

It also has a portable stove, light sticks and candles. This duffel bag has everything you need for your family’s survival in case of an emergency.

2. Life Gear LG567

This backpack is an excellent choice everyone. Each person in your family can wear this emergency, waterproof backpack that has all of the essentials in case of an emergency.

It is ergonomically designed for both adults and children and has an emergency red flasher to help you be seen more easily.

This kit includes food and water, a first aid kit, muti-use tool, compass, all-weather poncho, signaling mirror, writing pad and pen, waterproof bag for cash or documents, signaling whistle, thermal blanket, gloves, respirator mask and a hygiene kit.

Get one for every member of your family!

3. Ready America 70385

With enough food and water supplies for three days, this kit is like any other great bug out bag.

One thing that we love about it is that it contains something that most of the other bags don’t: an emergency power station, safety goggles and duct tape.

This bag contains the basic supplies that four people will need for 72 hours, but you can also find kits that are designed for one, two or three people.

4. Mayday Earthquake Kit 4 Person

This unique kit comes in a bucket rather than a backpack, which may seem strange but it actually works out great!

The bucket could potentially function as an extra water supply and it will float if you find yourself in a flood or tsunami, whereas a backpack would fill with water and sink.

If you live in a particularly seismic area, this is an excellent kit. The food is also vegetarian-friendly and for those who are allergic to oil and nuts!

5. Zippmo Survival Gear Extreme Survival Kit Two

This well-stocked two-person survival kit is U.S. Coast Guard approved will get you through any type of emergency.

It has all of the food, water, shelter and toiletries that you’ll need, along with a multi-use knife, playing cards, can opener and water purification pouch.

With it, you also get a guidebook that helps prepare you in the event of an emergency.

This is a very well thought out kit and worth the investment if you want something decent!

It looks like a normal, everyday backpack and has plenty of storage if you need to use it for your daily routine. A portable survival kit that you can carry with you on a daily basis if you like!

It’s better to be safe than sorry.