10 Best Beach Umbrellas 2020

If you love going to the beach on hot summer days, you’ll want to get your hands onto the best beach umbrella so you can provide shade to your family when you need it most. Spending all day at the beach is a great family outing, but it can be dangerous spending so much time under the sun and that’s where a beach umbrella can be very handy.

Things to Consider

Beach umbrellas are designed specifically to cope with strong winds and be easily transportable. The last thing you want is for your new umbrella to go flying off into the ocean or tumbling down the foreshore, so make sure it’s secured correctly.

Some of them come with additional ground stakes and vented canopies to avoid being swept up in strong winds.

Top 10 Beach Umbrellas Comparison Chart

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Buying Information

When it comes to getting a decent beach umbrella you need to take into consideration two major factors in the umbrellas effectiveness: wind and UV rays. Here’s what you should be looking for in your next purchase.

  • Sand Anchor. This is an absolute must have on a windy beach, as it secures the umbrella into the ground, preventing it from flying away in the next big gust.
  • Turning Handles. These make the process of anchoring the umbrella into the sand much easier. Not only will the task be easier, your beach umbrella will be firmly secured into the ground.
  • UV. High quality beach umbrellas have UV protection built into their construction. They have reflective silver linings between polyurethane coatings to reflect back harmful rays. Look for a UV rating of 50+.
  • Tilt. You’ll likely be at the beach for several hours, and you don’t want to have to pull out your umbrella and re-anchor it every time the sun moves. So look for an umbrella with a tilt-able pole.
  • Venting. Quality beach umbrellas have venting in the canopy, which allows air to move through the umbrella and reduces the risk of it pulling out the anchor and flying away.
  • Carry Bag. You’ve got a lot of gear to bring down to the beach, there’s the towels, toys, deck chairs and umbrella. The last thing you want it to be fumbling around and dropping stuff on your way down, so look for an umbrella with a carry bag to make things easy.

Top 5 Best Beach Umbrella Reviews

1. Impact Canopies Beach Umbrella Rainbow

Hands down the best beach umbrella for wind that you’ll find anywhere. This umbrella has it all. It’s got a great carry bag that keeps everything together. The fiberglass supports are the strongest we’ve ever seen in a beach umbrella. There is no way this thing will turn inside out!

The auger tip is three times the size of what most other umbrellas come with and has extra-large grooves which anchor it firmly in strong winds. The turning handle makes it super easy to wind the umbrella deep down into the sand for a strong anchor.

There are twice as many supports on the canopy as lower quality umbrellas and this provides great rigidity to the canopy in high winds. The vents are well placed and work perfectly at alleviating the excess pressure from sudden gusts.

With a 50+ UV protection rating this umbrella filters out a full 98% of all UV, making it great to rest under on hot days. The eight foot canopy provides plenty of shade for a family of four plus room for your cooler and towels.

We loved the extra bright rainbow colors and the strong support pole. The tilt is high up on the pole which allows you to sit under even a steeply tilted umbrella with ease. And the tilt provides plenty of movement to follow the sun for the whole day.

2. Trademark Innovations Portable Beach Umbrella

The trademark has been a standard in beach umbrellas for many years. The timeless design has needed very few modifications since its initial release and the high quality materials ensure this umbrella will last you for years to come.

What we loved most about this beach umbrella is slightly smaller six and a half foot diameter which made it super easy and lightweight to carry around. The smaller canopy size does result in a smaller shade area, but it also makes the umbrella sturdier in high winds.

Having the extra diameter would be nice, but with the umbrellas extra-long support pole the canopy is positioned higher up and the shade it throws is larger than you’d expect. The canopy is made of high grade 210D Oxford fabric with a UV rating of 50+.

The ribs on the canopy are extra sturdy 16” steel which make for a very strong shell. Once sprung open and locked into place the canopy on this umbrella is very rigid and will stand up well to strong winds. This is the second best umbrella for winds and is perfect for your next family trip to the beach.

3. Sport-Brella Umbrella

Once setup this “umbrella” functions more like a sun tent. It has side flaps that provide great wind and sun protection. In fact this is our top pick if you go to the beach in the late afternoons because it provides such good protection from late afternoon sun.

The umbrella sits on the ground and doesn’t have an anchor spike. Instead there are multiple tethers and stakes that keep this umbrella secured to the ground. The vents in the canopy allow excess wind to pass through the umbrella so it doesn’t kick up sand.

Other tent type umbrellas don’t have nearly enough venting and wind tends to hit the umbrella canopy and then whip back out kicking up sand and messing up towels – not so with the sport-brella. And even though this umbrella isn’t anchored into the sand with a auger it remains very secure during high winds.

What we loved about this umbrella were the internal pockets that we perfect for storing valuables. These pockets are up and away from the sand so items are kept very safe and out of harms way.

There are two side windows that have covers that can be rolled up and down to block out sunlight or allow it in. These are very handy when you want to watch you children play as you have a greater field of view.

The main disadvantage of this type of tent system is that it is requires moving every few hours as the sun tracks over the sky and changes its angle. If you’re only at the beach for a few hours then this is ok, you probably won’t even move your tent, but if you plan on staying there all day expect to reposition your umbrella 4 or 5 times.

4. EasyGo Rainbow Beach Umbrella

For an affordable price this umbrella has all the thrills of some of our other top picks. Where it falls down is in the anchoring. The auger isn’t as large as we would have liked, but the handle does allow us to sink the umbrella into the sand for increased support.

Overall this umbrella is good but not great.


If you want an umbrella with bright colors that’s a little bit different to 99% of the umbrellas out there, then this is the best beach umbrella for you. The build quality is acceptable, and there is a good amount of anchoring even without an auger – yes you just push the pole into the ground.