10 Best Backpacks for Men 2020

Creating a list of the best backpacks for men has very little to do with color and very much to do with style, comfort, and durability.

We all use backpacks differently – whether we’re looking for something that can hold a laptop and a change of clothes for work or something that holds just a few simple items for a fun day at the theme park.

Below, we’ll be highlighting a mixture of backpacks in different categories. Not sure which one will suit your needs? Keep reading, and we’ll provide you with some useful tips to help you narrow down the choices.

Top 10 Backpacks for Men Table

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Backpack Shopping Tips

Not all guys require the same type of backpack. It really depends on where and how you’ll be using it, so here are a few tips to help you choose the right one.

  • Work, City. The best backpack for men who will be wearing it around a city for work, school or daily use should opt for a sling backpack.

The storage space is reasonable – you can fit tablets and small laptops inside, along with a few document and maybe a change of clothing. You’ll also like that you can wear it across your chest to prevent pickpockets from sneaking up behind you.

You need room for clothing and work-related items and don’t want a backpack that looks unprofessional, so opt for something with clean lines and enough storage space for your belongings.

  • Travel, Outdoors. Small daypacks are great when you are going for a morning or evening hike but only need the essentials: keys, phone, and water.

Go for something larger if you’re planning a hiking adventure or overseas travel. Our favorite is the Osprey, which we will be looking at in our review section.

  • School. As you can see in our table, many backpacks are suitable for school use. Think about how much space you need for books, notebooks and electronics and whether or not you would like the backpack to double as a travel bag when you’re not using it for school.

Top 3 Best Backpacks for Men Reviews

1. Speedo Large Teamster Backpack

One of the reasons why athletes like this bag is that it has a removable dirt bag that you can use to place damp, wet clothing. No guy wants to throw muddy, sweaty socks in with his clean clothes or get anything soggy near a laptop, so a bag like this is perfect for the athletic guy.

Speaking of laptops, they do have a sleeve for it inside, and the bottom of the bag is water-resistant so that moisture can’t soak in from the bottom.

Another cool thing about this bag is the bleacher seat they include! How many times have you gone to a sporting event in the fall, winter or spring and had to freeze to death on the sidelines? The seat (more like a pad) offers you a dry, comfortable place to sit and also offers a bit of rigid protection to your laptop when it is still zipped onto the side.

On the outside of the bag, we appreciated the four zippered pockets, water bottle pouch and D-rings for hooking keys or other items. It’s a great choice for athletic students or dads who are heading to watch their kid’s next game.

2. NeatPack Versatile Canvas Sling Bag

Daypacks for guys are hard to find, but when you wear a stylish sling like this, you don’t have to worry about it looking too much like a purse.

This little sling is surprisingly spacious, and you can put all sorts of items inside – even a tablet or up to a 12-inch laptop. The strap has a handy little media pocket where you can zip your phone in, but since your headphone cord can pass through still, you won’t have to worry about missing out on any tunes.

If you’re traveling, it also has one RFID-blocking pocket to keep your cards and ID safe.

It’s great for the modern man looking for a light travel pack. Use it around campus, on your daily subway commute or anytime you just need to bring a few handy items along without having to pull out a full-sized backpack.

3. Osprey Farpoint 55 Travel Backpack

Osprey has some of the best backpacks for travelers, and the Fairpoint 55 bag is ideal for men who need a serious backpacking bag.

Whether you’re headed on a backpacking adventure in Europe, trekking the local hills going on a long weekend camping adventure, this backpack has 3,356 cubic inches of space for you to pack.

You basically get two backpacks in one with this because the front panel zips off and can become a daypack when you just need to bring a few basic items with you on a trip. It has straps, too, so you don’t have to carry it like a pouch.

Travelers love the fact that you can zip the straps up into a pouch so they aren’t flapping around on X-ray belts and it is very comfortable to wear for long periods. There is a hip belt and a chest strap that you can hook in front of yourself for more even weight distribution, which is great for heavy loads.

Are you an adventurous guy? If so, this is a great match for your outdoor needs.