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10 Best Backpacks for Men 2018

Creating a list of the best backpacks for men has very little to do with color and very much to do with style, comfort, and durability. We all use backpacks differently – whether we’re looking for something that can hold a laptop and a change of clothes

10 Best Tool Backpacks 2018

Tool bags are heavy and bulky, and sometimes you don’t have an extra hand free to carry it around a job site. The solution? A tool backpack. Forget about attempting ladders one handed or lugging around a heavy bag by the handles. Wearing the bag is much

10 Best Bags for Travel 2018

Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or just going away for a quick weekend getaway, it’s crucial to stay organized when traveling. For that, it’s essential to have a great travel bag—or several. Besides your suitcase or luggage, you might want to also invest in smaller interior bags,

10 Best Backpacks for School 2018

One of the most important pieces of school gear that you’ll buy is a backpack. You will be relying on it daily, so he last thing you want to do is purchase a cheap, flimsy one that will fall apart at the seams just a few weeks

10 Best Backpack Coolers 2018

When you head to a sporting event or amusement park and want to carry along ice-cold drinks, but bringing a hard cooler is not stylish or practical, a backpack cooler is a perfect alternative. Combining the lightweight performance of a soft cooler with the portability and convenience

10 Best Rolling Duffel Bags 2018

Thanks to their roomy compartments and versatility, duffel bags are a great addition to any luggage collection you have sitting in your closet (or under the bed). Those with wheels are particularly handy since they make transporting heavy loads much easier. Not sure which is the best

10 Best Designer Handbags 2018

Owning an authentic designer handbag can seem way out of budget for many of us, yet if you know where to look, you might find your dream bag with a lower price tag. In our guide, we will be showing you 10 of the best designer handbags

10 Best Samsonite Luggage 2018

Travel can be very stressful, and if there’s one thing you don’t want to worry about while on a trip, it’s having your suitcase break or give out. If you’re looking for a new suitcase, it’s a great idea to go with a well-known and time-tested brand

10 Best Business Backpacks 2018

Whether you’re catching a flight for a business trip or catching the subway to get to the office, a professional backpack is an essential piece of gear that will make your commute a whole lot easier. Check out our list below so you can compare and contrast

10 Best Money Clip Wallets 2018

If you’re on the hunt for a great money clip wallet look no further than this guide! It can always be daunting trying to find a new wallet given that there’s such a vast selection to choose from and with the knowledge that it’s something you’re bound