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10 Best Business Backpacks 2017

Whether you’re catching a flight for a business trip or catching the subway to get to the office, a professional backpack is an essential piece of gear that will make your commute a whole lot easier. Check out our list below so you can compare and contrast

10 Best Money Clip Wallets 2017

If you’re on the hunt for a great money clip wallet look no further than this guide! It can always be daunting trying to find a new wallet given that there’s such a vast selection to choose from and with the knowledge that it’s something you’re bound

10 Best Packing Cubes 2017

Packing cubes are literally a traveler’s dream. They help you group your clothing or personal items, they are convenient and you can find them in plenty of sizes. They also make sure that not all of your hard packing efforts go to waste if your bag is

10 Best Crossbody Bags 2017

Crossbody bags are the in thing. They are cool and trendy and they allow you to be free. They are easy to carry around and as such you do not get tired as you move around. Crossbody bags are a must have accessories for today’s trendy individual

10 Best Beach Umbrellas 2017

If you love going to the beach on hot summer days, you’ll want to get your hands onto the best beach umbrella so you can provide shade to your family when you need it most. Spending all day at the beach is a great family outing, but

6 Best Compact Umbrellas 2017

If you want to keep yourself protected from bad weather, but can’t be bothered lugging around a great big umbrella then you need a compact umbrella. The best compact umbrella has all the strength of traditional stick type umbrellas and provides just as much protection from the

6 Best Survival Backpacks 2017

Ready to buy a survival backpack and not sure where to begin? We hear you. There are too many bags and packs to count once you start searching for the right one, which is exactly why we help you jump directly to the good stuff on our

6 Best Purse Organizers 2017

If you’re constantly searching through your handbag trying to find things and coming up empty handed, then it’s time to get organized! Forget about making double purchases, buying something because you couldn’t find it in your handbag and then discovering it a few days later. Now you’ll

10 Best Bug Out Bags 2017

It’s time to get yourself a new BOB, and no, we aren’t referring to the short haircut that was popular in the 1920’s. BOB, or bug-out bag, contains everything you need in case of a quick evacuation. Earthquake, hurricane, flash flood, mass shooting, terrorism or tornado? A

10 Best Hardside Luggage 2017

There are plenty of reasons to love a hard shell suitcase over a soft shell, which is exactly what we’ll be examining in our luggage guide below. Here, we’ll compare and contrast the best hardside luggage brands and offer you some useful info and tips that will